1090 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  William Pitcock e2fdd6f470 pkgconf 1.6.0. 4 days ago
  William Pitcock 9315ee9ee6 tests: add orphaned-requires-private test 4 days ago
  William Pitcock 737e326ae1 tests: add orphaned requires.private testcase 4 days ago
  William Pitcock 183e68df39 libpkgconf: add LIBPKGCONF_VERSION macro 4 days ago
  William Pitcock 5c7c9127bc doc: update fragment API docs 4 days ago
  William Pitcock 6854265f28 libpkgconf: pkg: use pkgconf_fragment_copy_list() to clean up cflags gathering logic (closes #20) 4 days ago
  William Pitcock 36a5b7acbd libpkgconf: fragment: add pkgconf_fragment_copy_list() 4 days ago
  William Pitcock 0ae52182c9 libpkgconf: pkg: clean up pkgconf_parser interactions (closes #13) 4 days ago
  William Pitcock 059b2f61ec add a code of conduct 2 months ago
  William Pitcock 74133eda31 pkgconf 1.5.4. 3 months ago
  kaniini ccd2440cde Merge branch 'fix-slashes' of nacho/pkgconf into master 3 months ago
  Ignacio Casal Quinteiro 2c05971029 Canonicalize paths before using them 4 months ago
  Ignacio Casal Quinteiro 9f17da92d2 On Windows the path prefix should be checked caseless 4 months ago
  Ignacio Casal Quinteiro c9dffb8570 Fix build on windows with meson 4 months ago
  William Pitcock 101b99b5b5 pkgconf 1.5.3. 5 months ago
  William Pitcock 47284486df regress: add test for empty tuple buffer overflow issue 5 months ago
  kaniini 3b5626a008 Merge branch 'master' of awilfox/pkgconf into master 5 months ago
  A. Wilcox 9b7affe0b1
tuple: Ensure buf length is always >= 1 in dequote 5 months ago
  William Pitcock 4735e17287 pkgconf 1.5.2. 6 months ago
  William Pitcock 7939732f80 build: install pkgconf-personality(5) manpage 6 months ago
  William Pitcock 41f8031533 man: add pkgconf-personality(5) 6 months ago
  kaniini 7e89a30442 Merge branch 'graham/system-paths-regression' of pkgconf/pkgconf into master 6 months ago
  Graham Ollis fb08ae2bd2 environment variables for system paths should override compiled-in defaults 6 months ago
  William Pitcock 5601568267 pkgconf 1.5.1. 7 months ago
  William Pitcock 6f05fec4b5 pkg: give a correctly sized vtable to the parser 7 months ago
  William Pitcock 8f6e071d58 tests: add test fixture for bogus .pc files 7 months ago
  William Pitcock b77c04f343 update NEWS 7 months ago
  William Pitcock b46bb93cd1 libpkgconf: tuple: properly dequote tuples when added from the parser (closes legacy github bug #186) 7 months ago
  William Pitcock ae7faf73fd tests: add testcase for tuple dequoting bug (legacy github bug #186) 7 months ago
  William Pitcock 854a6adfe9 tests: add tuple-quoting fixture 7 months ago
  William Pitcock 3673494431 README: make it more clear the git repo has moved 7 months ago
  Graham Ollis 273d1d0461 use pkgconf_strlcpy 7 months ago
  William Pitcock 2b5202dd1a cmake: likewise 7 months ago
  William Pitcock 782c88ce77 meson: set PERSONALITY_PATH to something useful 7 months ago
  William Pitcock ea98ff3e5b not at github anymore 7 months ago
  William Pitcock ab8df57205 NEWS: mention progress on #166 8 months ago
  William Pitcock 8aa662227c main: deduce the cross-compilation triplet based on program name 8 months ago
  William Pitcock db7845b4c7 configure: fix search path for triplets 8 months ago
  William Pitcock 3ccc4454d1 libpkgconf: personality: ensure the path list is properly initialized before searching for triplets 8 months ago
  William Pitcock c46868294f cli: implement --personality 8 months ago
  William Pitcock 40897f246b libpkgconf: personality: remove const from the default personality, since it's not really const 8 months ago
  William Pitcock 25b2105e93 libpkgconf: client: if tracing is disabled, don't try to trace 8 months ago
  William Pitcock e6ce6c8edd libpkgconf: personality: fixups 8 months ago
  William Pitcock e9324ee4bc cli: implement --dump-personality 8 months ago
  William Pitcock 751348298b libpkgconf: personality: fill in the rest of the personality parser 8 months ago
  William Pitcock 1244f8f8e7 libpkgconf: refactor out the rfc822 message parser so that the cross-personality code can share it 8 months ago
  William Pitcock f702967d0a libpkgconf: pkg: refactor pkgconf_pkg_new_from_file to prepare to factor out the rfc822 parser 8 months ago
  William Pitcock 0f17a4f390 libpkgconf: pkg: mark owning client earlier, to allow for refactoring out the rfc822 parser 8 months ago
  William Pitcock 9439b683ca libpkgconf: personality: add stub cross personality loader 8 months ago
  William Pitcock 6b0e346c28 libpkgconf: refactor building the dir lists into separate concerns 8 months ago