1127 Commits (master)

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  Ariadne Conill c862e030cf pkgconf 1.6.3. 1 week ago
  Ariadne Conill 5f3aa3a8d2 cli: bump copyright notice to 2019 1 week ago
  Ariadne Conill 286e354785 update NEWS for 1.6.3. 1 week ago
  Ariadne Conill 3740bfb6d7 tests: add test for malformed versions generating a diagnostic with --validate 1 week ago
  Ariadne Conill a91e0bf215 tests: explicitly test --print-provides with malformed versions 1 week ago
  Ariadne Conill c10f69994b libpkgconf: pkg: generate diagnostic for and trim malformed versions 1 week ago
  Ariadne Conill 312b4e51a9 tests: add test for malformed version handling 1 week ago
  Ariadne Conill 3783d65784 tests: add malformed-version fixture 1 week ago
  Ariadne Conill 6c3356a094 update README [ci skip] 1 week ago
  Ariadne Conill 833294f592 builds: add freebsd CI build 1 week ago
  Ariadne Conill cab8eddc3a build: remove no longer included CMakeLists files 1 week ago
  Ariadne Conill 7a395932f2 drop CMake support 1 week ago
  Ariadne Conill c816ce6969 pkgconf 1.6.2. (closes #38, #40, #41) 1 week ago
  Ariadne Conill 0a247fa102 man: pkgconf: add --modversion description (closes #34) 1 week ago
  Ariadne Conill 7e0b0fadab libpkgconf: path: fix memory leak when deduping paths (closes #39) 1 week ago
  Ariadne Conill 03e5d0fd31 update AUTHORS using `git shortlog -e` 1 week ago
  Ariadne Conill c7c3ddbfcf add mailmap 1 week ago
  kaniini 984dc98438 Merge branch 'lfs-fix' of a_tsoy/pkgconf into master 1 month ago
  Alexander Tsoy db9c1e96a1
fix the order of header includes 1 month ago
  William Pitcock ebfcaf5081 normalize include guards. closes #33 1 month ago
  kaniini 7460d2870e Merge branch 'fix-msvc-build' of seungha.yang/pkgconf into master 2 months ago
  Seungha Yang 5436558eb8 main: Fix build with MSVC 2 months ago
  William Pitcock 0ba98da26c lite: remove --simulate 2 months ago
  William Pitcock 2d0c1f5cb7 lite: disable debug logging 2 months ago
  William Pitcock 43ca536b9f lite: disable some bloat 2 months ago
  William Pitcock fb98f5a866 lite: add build system for pkgconf-lite mode 2 months ago
  William Pitcock bd6f90a8e6 ci: add freebsd test build 2 months ago
  William Pitcock 7a8f96a98c add cmake test build 2 months ago
  William Pitcock 8d322b8959 add meson test build 2 months ago
  William Pitcock bf1c18a181 add test sr.ht autoconf alpine edge build 2 months ago
  William Pitcock be6011222b pkgconf 1.6.1. 4 months ago
  William Pitcock 662957ca7d libpkgconf: tuple: tighten quoting logic a bit 4 months ago
  William Pitcock 3afd14c49e libpkgconf: path: use realpath(3) to deduplicate the search path 4 months ago
  William Pitcock ba1f48e48e libpkgconf: client: ensure PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR being empty overrides the default search paths 4 months ago
  William Pitcock 45eae2039e start NEWS for 1.6.1. 4 months ago
  kaniini 3e8103c7ac Merge branch 'master' of esmil/pkgconf into master 4 months ago
  Emil Renner Berthing d926e75b34 main: fix personalities when argv[0] contains path 4 months ago
  William Pitcock e2fdd6f470 pkgconf 1.6.0. 6 months ago
  William Pitcock 9315ee9ee6 tests: add orphaned-requires-private test 6 months ago
  William Pitcock 737e326ae1 tests: add orphaned requires.private testcase 6 months ago
  William Pitcock 183e68df39 libpkgconf: add LIBPKGCONF_VERSION macro 6 months ago
  William Pitcock 5c7c9127bc doc: update fragment API docs 6 months ago
  William Pitcock 6854265f28 libpkgconf: pkg: use pkgconf_fragment_copy_list() to clean up cflags gathering logic (closes #20) 6 months ago
  William Pitcock 36a5b7acbd libpkgconf: fragment: add pkgconf_fragment_copy_list() 6 months ago
  William Pitcock 0ae52182c9 libpkgconf: pkg: clean up pkgconf_parser interactions (closes #13) 6 months ago
  William Pitcock 059b2f61ec add a code of conduct 9 months ago
  William Pitcock 74133eda31 pkgconf 1.5.4. 9 months ago
  kaniini ccd2440cde Merge branch 'fix-slashes' of nacho/pkgconf into master 9 months ago
  Ignacio Casal Quinteiro 2c05971029 Canonicalize paths before using them 10 months ago
  Ignacio Casal Quinteiro 9f17da92d2 On Windows the path prefix should be checked caseless 10 months ago