the small playstation sound emulator


  1. Thanks to:
  2. Michael "mf0102" Farber, for testing coefficients, and speaking up
  3. when they were CLEARLY WRONG, writing patches and trying to break
  4. the emulation code. upse would not sound the way it does without
  5. his help, and probably would not be nearly as accurate.
  6. Xodnizel, for writing SexyPSF, which provided for some motivation
  7. for writing a PSF replayer.
  8. CaitSith2 for explaining a lot of details on how the PSF format in
  9. general works on his webpages.
  10. Tony Vroon and Giacomo Lozito for their hard work on the plugins
  11. collection in Audacious (SexyPSF would not have ever been realised
  12. on Audacious without their efforts, and as such, UPSE would never
  13. exist.)
  14. Neill Corlett for a lot of research information about when to apply
  15. what coefficients and filters and such. He was the first one to write
  16. a somewhat accurate SPU emulation, and this one builds on his research.
  17. Pete Bernert for writing PeOPS, which, while inaccurate, is the only
  18. really complete SPU implementation that is open source. Hopefully,
  19. someone will hack UPSE into a PSX/PS2 software SPU now. ;)
  20. ||basement for hosting many esoteric PSX mod rips which can now be
  21. enjoyed without the use of Highly Experimental. Check out his archive
  22. at <>.
  23. Kiyoshi Aman (Aerdan), grinvader and pagefault for pointing out many
  24. bugs and testing fixes.
  25. kode54 for contributing many API changes and improvements, as well as
  26. working through some bugs during the API redesign.
  27. If I missed somebody, I'm sorry, and you should consider yourself
  28. thanked too.