svc service manager [work in progress]
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svc is a proposed service manager and process supervisor to replace OpenRC in Alpine. It is presently under construction.

key components

  • svc-supervise is a lightweight process supervisor that can be managed by the service manager using libnv IPC.

  • svc-manager is a manager which loads service declarations and manages a collection of svc-supervise processes to monitor each service.

  • svc-init initializes the system and manages the root svc-manager process.


libnv is a port of the FreeBSD and Solaris IPC library, libnv. It is used to transfer messages between processes and acts as the core IPC primitive.


The svc-supervise process supervisor monitors processes. Typically these processes run as children of the supervisor, but support for monitoring PID files is pending.


The svc-manager service manager manages process supervisors and handles dependency resolution for a given target. A svc-manager process may be managed by a parent svc-manager process.


The svc-init process brings up the system and starts the first svc-manager process. It listens on the /dev/initctl fifo and does not participate in the libnv-based IPC. The first svc-manager process listens at /run/.svc-sock for IPC requests.

design goals

  • Avoid the use of dynamically allocated memory where possible.

  • Recognize and properly handle containers, so that svc-init may serve as a capable init for dockerized alpine deployments.

  • Play nice when run under systemd-nspawn.

  • If in doubt, look at other process supervisors and service managers such as s6 for guidance.