An IP prefix database server
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prefixdb - a database server for IPv4/IPv6 prefixes

prefixdb is a database server which stores non-persistent information about IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes. It is intended to be a memcache-like service that is oriented towards storing JSON documents about specific prefixes.

A plugin interface enables extending prefixdb with other features, such as using MQTT for clustering and bulk data ingestion, datastore persistence and additional APIs. For more information, see the plugin API documentation.

Unlike redis or memcache, there is a simple HTTP-based API layer similar to Elasticsearch. For more information, see the base API documentation.

With a clustering plugin, it is possible to deploy prefixdb under an aiohttp.web process manager, such as gunicorn. Using uvloop with gunicorn (gunicorn -k aiohttp.worker.GUnicornUVLoopWorker) enables very high performance prefixdb database I/O that will very easily horizontally scale across an entire machine.