gtk+ irc client somewhat based on x-chat [presently unmaintained]


  1. Conspire is mostly dead. It's been abandoned by nenolod for xirssi.
  2. It is highly recommended to switch to that. jdhore may be making minor
  3. changes to it, but it is effectively dead.
  4. conspire 1.0-beta1 (06-16-2009):
  5. * Remove STARTTLS--only inspircd supports it, and it doesn't work all that well anyway.
  6. * Preliminary work on a new Python plugin.
  7. * Updated French translation.
  8. * Preliminary IRCPP support via a plugin.
  9. * Preliminary Windows port; does not include plugins and has a major graphical bug, but
  10. is otherwise usable.
  11. * New iconset based on a Tango set on
  12. * Rewritten event formatter for great sanity.
  13. * DCC64 is now always supported, as glib guarantees gint64 presence now.
  14. * /exec is now a plugin.
  15. * Support more CTCP messages (USERINFO, particularly).
  16. * /foreach query and /foreach local-query added.
  17. conspire 0.20~beta4 (07-05-2008):
  18. * Make queue more aggressive.
  19. conspire 0.20~beta3 (07-05-2008):
  20. * Fix compilation without GNUTLS.
  21. * Fix longstanding bug where the queue system is not unicode-safe.
  22. conspire 0.20~beta2 (06-22-2008):
  23. * Add support for STARTTLS; this is used by InspIRCd 1.2 or later.
  24. For details about the protocol, see
  25. * Use NotifyNotification objects instead of spawning a process and calling
  26. notify-send. This allows for superior desktop integration, but causes libnotify
  27. to become a hard dependency. This seems ok though, as most users already have it.
  28. * Rewrite capability negotiation subsystem to be asynchronous.
  29. * Adjust height of cell renderers to fit more entries into the chanview and userlist.
  30. (This idea was taken from the XChat 2.8.6 release.)
  31. * Implement a new TreeView widget which looks similar to that of Gossip and Pidgin.
  32. * Add a description field for plugins in PLUGIN_DECLARE().
  33. * Improve the Plugins GUI significantly.
  34. conspire 0.20~beta1 (06-07-2008):
  35. * Entirely new event processing engine and signals API.
  36. * DBus support dropped; use the new Plugin API.
  37. * Support for XChat plugins dropped.
  38. * New plugin API, things are not entirely set in stone yet.
  39. (Some example plugins are in src/plugins, if you have any questions,
  40. ask on our IRC channel.)
  41. * Several UI improvements, including more use of context-sensitive menus.
  42. * New implementation of XText using Cairo.
  43. * Replace old message-splitting system for /say with new one for /msg, /me, and /say.
  44. * Add support for CTCP TIME.
  45. * /quit disconnects from one server again due to user request.
  46. * /exit disconnects from all servers before exiting, similar to irssi.
  47. * /all* has been replaced with /foreach.
  48. * Restored options to the GUI that were removed in xchat.
  49. * Add new options for new functionality provided in Conspire.
  50. conspire 0.12.0 (01-30-2008):
  51. * Remove CTCP sound support; it's worthless.
  52. * Handle CTCP replies in a better way.
  53. * /quit now disconnects from all servers; to disconnect from one, use /disconnect instead.
  54. * Improve coloured nicks support.
  55. * Add support for CTCP CLIENTINFO.
  56. conspire 0.11.0 (01-16-2008):
  57. * Fix several bugs in the SASL (IAL) implementation.
  58. * Add regexp search and replace options.
  59. * Implement support for immutable windows.
  60. * Fix some SSL bugs.
  61. * Rewrite the lowlevel configuration manager.
  62. * Fix a long standing bug in the network editor: Remove didn't work.
  63. conspire 0.10.0 (01-01-2008):
  64. * OpenSSL support has been removed in favour of GnuTLS.
  65. As GnuTLS is 100% definitely licensed in compatibility with
  66. the GPL, this means that distributions will be able to enable
  67. the SSL support.
  68. * Add support for extracting colours from your system's GTK+ theme.
  69. * New icons care of Chris Fuenty.
  70. * Add support for the MONITOR command on charybdis and ircd-ratbox
  71. daemons (thanks to AndroSyn!)
  72. * Fix a bug where the colourmap didn't match up with mIRC's colours.
  73. * Remove inline pixbufs, reducing the binary size by a large amount.
  74. Now pixbufs are loaded from disk, and can be replaced by editing
  75. the PNG files in ${datadir}/conspire/pixmaps.
  76. * Start to move some various aspects of the code to Mowgli.
  77. * Add rudimentary launcher.
  78. * Make /part accept "/part reason" syntax; where it parts from the
  79. current channel.
  80. * Add support for SASL. At the moment, SASL passwords are stored in
  81. plain text. Eventually, they will be MD5'd or something. Additionally,
  82. only the PLAIN mechanism is supported. Some servers support DH-BLOWFISH,
  83. but that requires more work and will wait until 0.11.