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CRTNet Link Application

This is the CRTNet link application. The CRTNet admin team will discuss your link application and may either approve or deny it. All link applications will be considered without bias.

Server Information

Server name (e.g. irc.domain.tld):

Server IPv4 address:

Server IPv6 address:

Server geographical location (City, State/Province, Country):

Server processor / memory:

Server bandwidth / peering:

Server operating system:

Server SPKI fingerprint (SPKIFP, use ./unrealircd spkifp to get it):

Other than IRC, what else runs on this server:

Number of users with physical or shell access:

Relationship with any relevant hosting providers:

Administrative Information

Server admin nickname:

Optional system admin contact (for emergency):

Optional network admin contact (for emergency):

Initial IRCops (nicknames / fediverse handles):

Why do you want to link? Whats in it for us?