1076 Commits (master)

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  William Pitcock 1252d7ae6a libpkgconf: dependency: make dependency_to_str() private, use a caller-supplied buffer for reentrancy 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 615bab3df9 libpkgconf: pkg: pkgconf_pkg_report_graph_error(): move already_sent_notice to pkgconf_client_t 2 years ago
  William Pitcock b0ef708efc libpkgconf: pkg: pkg_get_parent_dir(): use caller-supplied buffer instead of a static buffer to make reentrant 2 years ago
  William Pitcock b9dac13ef3 libpkgconf: tuple: pkgconf_tuple_parse(): remove unnecessary static buffer declaration 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 47ce9765a8 libpkgconf: define SIZE_FMT_SPECIFIER on POSIX and Windows platforms and use it in place of %zu 2 years ago
  William Pitcock a6d6b88d14 libpkgconf: path: fix logic error in path relocation case when matching against a list (closes #129) 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 9505213c1b tuple: check expanded variables to see if a sysroot has been duplicated, and if so, remove the prepended sysroot. 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 95b4930aac tests: add test for github #123 2 years ago
  Maxin B. John 74666bff38 stdinc.h: fix build with mingw (#122) 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 38cda5e584 autotools: replace PKGCONFIGDIR with PKG_DEFAULT_PATH 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 3ae11b1b4d meson: add kyua integration for testsuite for now 2 years ago
  William Pitcock a928ad75e6 meson: use join_paths() for kyua invocation 2 years ago
  William Pitcock adc7f92874 meson: fix up SYSTEM_LIBDIR, SYSTEM_INCLUDEDIR, PKG_DEFAULT_PATH 2 years ago
  William Pitcock bca827649d meson: add some support for pulling in testsuite 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 186545fc4f meson: fix check for HAVE_CYGWIN_CONV_PATH 2 years ago
  William Pitcock d40a90761a meson: clean up a few things 2 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 40fd995060 Experiment to build with Meson (#119) 2 years ago
  William Pitcock b77fbbb025 libpkgconf: add win-dirent.h to file list too 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 01a2c2375c fix autotools build 2 years ago
  William Pitcock b45cf98fb7 start NEWS for 1.4 series 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 037d15210c add some notes on building for Windows 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 864b14e5b9 Merge branch 'cmakeify' of github.com:dankegel/pkgconf 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 03f7841065 libpkgconf: pkg: windows can use either \ or / as directory separators 2 years ago
  William Pitcock d45e850130 Revert "pkg: use pkgconf_pkg_t.realname instead of pkgconf_pkg_t.id for injecting the default provides entry" 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 0c22b4d8a1 pkg: use pkgconf_pkg_t.realname instead of pkgconf_pkg_t.id for injecting the default provides entry 2 years ago
  Dan Kegel 794aa5016a Tidy up a bit. 2 years ago
  Dan Kegel 0ba391bc6f Miscelaneous tweaks for Visual C in Cygwin compatibility 2 years ago
  Dan Kegel ededaa6415 cmake: add missing configure variables, install headers and .pc file, use simpler line to invoke kyua, tweak build location of dll for ease of testing 2 years ago
  Dan Kegel 4ba2bac538 Don't depend on libtool magic to control which symbols are exported from shared libraries 2 years ago
  Dan Kegel 2e80d72a6f cmake: remove DOS line endings from tests 2 years ago
  Dan Kegel 9258874ee1 cmake: use right soversion for libpkgconf 2 years ago
  Dan Kegel 9131496d64 getopt_long.c: placate visual c by adding a few explicit typecasts 2 years ago
  Dan Kegel 347539ca87 cmake: ignore more visual C warnings, don't feed DOS line endings to atf 2 years ago
  Dan Kegel 26d9a81c9c install_deps.sh: first cut at cygwin support 2 years ago
  Dan Kegel 8b4a4b831b First draft of cmake install rules 2 years ago
  Dan Kegel 4d7b4d7c8e Minimal tweaks to compile with Visual C 2015 2 years ago
  Dan Kegel 35d0f63daf win-dirent.h: MIT-licensed port of dirent to win32 from https://github.com/tronkko/dirent 2 years ago
  Dan Kegel d4098f95c3 Document how to install test dependencies on ubuntu 2 years ago
  Dan Kegel 251f747343 First draft of cmake port 2 years ago
  William Pitcock f7e9d61f4d pkgconf 1.3.7. 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 4a508b4fd9 tests: regress: add regression test for malformed package testcase 2 years ago
  William Pitcock d280060ed7 libpkgconf: pkg: add additional validation rules in post-parse phase 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 0262b8251d libpkgconf: pkgconf_pkg_find(): correctly handle failure from pkgconf_pkg_new_from_file() 2 years ago
  William Pitcock cf3c50ca78 libpkgconf: pkg: pkgconf_try_specific_path() and pkgconf_pkg_new_from_file() require a mutable client to release resources when encountering invalid packages 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 4b104d49df pkgconf 1.3.6. 2 years ago
  William Pitcock f55e989f0a update NEWS for 1.3.6 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 3c7f82a7fb fragment: also protect -nostdinc, -nostdlibinc, -nobuiltininc 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 74eb74a3ef fragment: handle -include similarly to -isystem and -idirafter 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 9fde4be1f3 fragment: also protect -ansi, -std=, -stdlib=, -pedantic, -trigraphs, -Wa, and -Wp fragments 2 years ago
  William Pitcock c7a8e1e3b8 fragment: give -Wl fragments the same protection as -pthread 2 years ago