39 Commits (master)

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  William Pitcock 101b99b5b5 pkgconf 1.5.3. 11 months ago
  William Pitcock 4735e17287 pkgconf 1.5.2. 1 year ago
  William Pitcock 5601568267 pkgconf 1.5.1. 1 year ago
  William Pitcock b77c04f343 update NEWS 1 year ago
  William Pitcock ab8df57205 NEWS: mention progress on #166 1 year ago
  William Pitcock 15efbc249b update NEWS 1 year ago
  William Pitcock f03ec3ff90 libpkgconf: add support for proposed Requires.internal extension 1 year ago
  William Pitcock f4137995d9 pkgconf 1.4.2. 1 year ago
  William Pitcock 1645683d62 pkgconf 1.4.1. 1 year ago
  William Pitcock 7ba36b5d89 NEWS: document #165 changes 1 year ago
  William Pitcock 11c1e5d090 NEWS: mention the new manpages [skip c-i] 1 year ago
  William Pitcock f5627481d7 NEWS: document API change discussed in #154 1 year ago
  William Pitcock 4fea62b08e NEWS: update 1 year ago
  William Pitcock 4058a722a4 NEWS: mention --msvc-syntax and the infrastructure allowing it 1 year ago
  William Pitcock eec34c480c NEWS: cmake was mentioned twice 1 year ago
  William Pitcock fc5e33a3cb add 1.4 stuff so far to NEWS 1 year ago
  William Pitcock 73119e0165 update NEWS with bugfixes/enhancements that were backported to 1.3.8 and later 1 year ago
  William Pitcock b45cf98fb7 start NEWS for 1.4 series 2 years ago
  William Pitcock f7e9d61f4d pkgconf 1.3.7. 2 years ago
  William Pitcock f55e989f0a update NEWS for 1.3.6 2 years ago
  William Pitcock a504e67097 update NEWS for 1.3.5. 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 1da1b83ba5 update NEWS for 1.3.4 2 years ago
  William Pitcock fbbf5316fb update NEWS for 1.3.3. 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 7a121725be update NEWS for 1.3.2 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 85375d9fda update NEWS for 1.3.1 2 years ago
  William Pitcock ec42e4f8d2 add NEWS for 1.3.0 2 years ago
  William Pitcock e5dda3301c update NEWS 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 92f2b4a2e0 NEWS: add entry about path list deduplication 2 years ago
  William Pitcock b0f8eab754 NEWS: document -idirafter and GCC env vars late changes 2 years ago
  William Pitcock e674facee8 update NEWS for pending 1.1.0 release 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 96014b0286 NEWS: add an entry for #96 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 81679fa0d8 NEWS: document availability of Provides system 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 322a4f6002 NEWS: start on a 1.1 entry 2 years ago
  William Pitcock 53fc91332a pkgconf 1.0.1. 2 years ago
  Baptiste Daroussin ceb7232190 Let the CFLAGS being user settable 3 years ago
  Baptiste Daroussin 554ab175fd Add a NEWS entry for --define-variable fix 3 years ago
  Baptiste Daroussin b46d2f96fa Document the whole 0.9.x history in NEWS 3 years ago
  Baptiste Daroussin ee64774982 Be consistent in the NEWS format 3 years ago
  Baptiste Daroussin 7258a86721 Add a NEWS file 3 years ago